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Muzzle Brake Compact STAINLESS STEEL 1/2"x28 Pitch W/ free crush washer AR15 223/5.56


AR15 223 5.56<


AR15 223 5.56

Compact STAINLESS STEEL Muzzle Brake 1/2"x28 Pitch W/ free crush washer

Compact Muzzle Brake

Side Ported And Ported On Top

Solid Machined Construction

Stainless steel Finish

Reduced Back Pressure

1/2"x28 Pitch

solid STAINLESS Steel precision machined construction. The muzzle brake will reduce recoil & climb which will improve shooting and control. competition muzzle brake redirects propellant gasses and reduces recoil and flash dramatically. Wraps around your threaded barrel and threads on 1/2"x28 pitch.